MINORITY REPORT: The Cast Teases Tonight’s Blake-Centric Episode

minority report

We’ve learned about Vega and the Precog’s history on MINORITY REPORT, but tonight’s episode is really going to introduce us to William Blake (played by Wilmer Valderrama). But before we learn more about Blake’s backstory, we’re going to see him discover the truth about Dash’s identity. How will this by-the-book cop deal with the secret that Vega has been hiding? During a visit to the MINORITY REPORT set in Vancouver, we spoke with the cast about Blake’s discovery and what we’ll learn about his character in this week’s episode.

“I feel Blake is the type of guy that — he came from a very human place,” Valderrama explains. “Especially because he’s also ethnic, he’s a minority. In episode 8 you really find out how he came about and we also dabble a little bit on an immigration conversation. He is directly attached to the topic. And has history within the topic. There’s an amendment that may or may not have passed that really damaged a lot of the pride and a lot of the involvement of minorities in the future. So that’s something that he experienced. He can relate to that community, but also the way he was raised. When he was a teenager you find out that something was going to happen to his mother that was prevented by the precogs. The Precrime cops came and something bad could have happened. At that point, as a teenager, all he thought about was ‘oh cool, that’s what happens, you prevent the crimes’. He doesn’t know it was attached to the force, he just identified the cop as the guy who saved his mom.”

“With Blake it’s not that he’s a bad person, but he wants to do the right thing,” Megan Good said. “He wants to do what he believes is right and what he believes is right is by the book. Period and point blank. And for Vega, what she believes is right is what she believes is right and doesn’t have to be by the book. She just follows her instincts and trust what she believes in her heart is the right thing. There’s a chance he could be reasoned with, but I think it would be less about their friendship, their relationship, and more about ‘does it really make sense for something that he can grasp and identify with and agree with?’ And that’s to be seen, but what I will say some things get exposed to some degree in the next episode and one of those things is you learn more about Blake. And you learn about his upbringing and his childhood and some of the things that he went through that motivate who is today and they also become the motivation as he gets potentially closer to figuring out who Dash is.”

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