CASTLE Recap: Couple’s Counseling


One of the show’s most lovable relationships was in jeopardy on this week’s CASTLE, and it wasn’t Rick and Kate. Esposito and Ryan were the problem couple this week, and after their “partner” counselor tells them that in order to stay partners, they need a “buffer” -for the time being- just to keep from arguing. And that buffer just so happens to be Richard Castle.

Now that Castle is working with them, Espo and Ryan quickly identifies the victim of this week’s crime, an out of work actor stabbed nine times. They sweep the crime scene and discover a camera, with pictures of the victim in a very compromising (naked) situation with a woman with a very distinct tattoo on her back.

This tattoo lead, along with bank statements that suggest payment for his sleeping around, lead the investigators to three rich, married woman who spend most of their time in the spa or in the tabloids. It just so happens that some undercover work is called for to determine which of these three women has the tattoo, which leads to Kate and Haylee in towels at the spa, trying to get their suspect. After a quick chase, and a wardrobe malfunction where the suspect’s towel falls off, Kate and Haylee find the woman from the picture.

It turns out that the woman didn’t actually kill her scorned lover, but gave information on a divorce lawyer, and one of her clients might have paid the man to sleep with her. More undercover work ensues! Unauthorized by Beckett, Castle goes in to try and get the lawyer’s ledger, which holds all the information about who hired the victim, and therefore who had motive to kill him. While undercover, some personal issues were discussed about Castle’s current situation, and when asked directly if he thought there was hope for him and Kate he remained silent. Unfortunately moments later, Castle gets caught without obtaining the ledger, but fortunately Alexis is right behind Castle to get the necessary information.

It turns out that a man named Keller has paid the victim to sleep with three of his wives (now ex-wives) but the victim seems to have grown a conscience with the fourth wife and got murdered for it. The lawyer from the firm was able to block the charges, but when Espo went back and confronted the lawyer it turns out she was in on it with Keller, and was the killer all along. Pulling out a gun and pointing it at Espo’s head the situation seems dire. But luckily, and after all of their fighting and arguing, Ryan jumps in front of the bullet just as the lawyer fires and saves Javier’s life. Ryan was fine, his cell-phone taking the bullet in the most unlikely of miracles, and the lawyer is arrested along with Keller.

Now to Kate and Richard. It was their one-year anniversary this week, and Kate agreed to go out to one dinner with her husband, even though Vickram warned her that as she and him got closer to uncovering more about who killed her D.C. team Castle could be in danger. She decided to go though, and as she walked into Castle’s now bachelor-ed apartment, food in hand, he surprised her with a kiss. They both agreed to take one night off from their “time off” and proceeded to the bedroom. Cut to hours later and they are hand in hand, with Richard assuring Kate that he hasn’t given up hope on them. But, just as Kate steps into the other room to change, her phone goes off and Castle see’s the text from Vickram saying that he has found something, its urgent, and Kate needs to call him. Hiding his newfound knowledge when Kate comes back into the room, it looks like Castle might just be in more danger than Kate knows.

What exactly will happen to Kate and Richard after this momentary lapse in separation? Watch an all new CASTLE on November 23 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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  • Rich

    Better. I will watch. You will note no hiatus, so Castle and Beckett are not together after ep 8 as expected. This ending, not worth the torture of the previous stinkers or getting our favorite show canceled, was a good episode. Fillion and Katic are the best actors on TV when given the material. Think about a mature couple with all that sizzle, warmth, and humor. Obviously it helps that 10 years ago these were two of the best looking people alive, and at 37 and 44 they still go it. But it’s more than that, they just have something when together on screen. Alexi Hawley rewatch the episode, it’s not the tension or fear, it’s these 2 brilliant actors making us love this couple. No dumb plot device needed. Also Beckett coming to Castle put them back to equals which really helps the dynamic. You need an episode where Castle is the cool Castle. Cars, girls, books. Stana Katic is 37 but still Stana Katic, her cool comes along for the ride. Prop my boy back up(after dumping on him for 5 episodes) and get them together again. Please