LIMITLESS Sneak Peek: The Chasm and the HQ


Everywhere you look on network television, there is intrigue within the FBI, and it’s been so on LIMITLESS.

A week before, Brian was kidnapped by the CIA for a black ops project over the objections of CJC leader Naz, apparently approved because someone in the FBI forged Naz’s signature. Last week, Naz went to Washington, D.C., to find out who and was arrested for terrorism. Her daughter, Ava, said it was true that her mother had sent money to the terrorist, but to pay a ransom to free Ava’s cousin, not to support terrorism.

Meanwhile, Naz had held back information in Brian’s medical file showing why he is immune to the effects of NZT, because it would mean the FBI and CIA would use him as a lab rat instead of a resource. She gave it to Brian for safekeeping in case her meeting in Washington, D.C., didn’t go well. Brian and Agent Harris, who worked in the shadows to exonerate Naz, gave a copy of the file to Agent Boyle to flush out whoever set up Naz. Boyle expected to meet personally with the Director of the FBI but instead met the FBI counsel, who was supposedly defending Naz. The counsel was exposed and Naz was freed — and this file was actually a ruse.

The FBI had said no NZT during Naz’s arrest, so Brian accessed some of the private stash given to him by Senator Morra to solve a problem with Ava’s cousin’s ransom. When Agent Harris found out, she was insistent in learning where he got it, but Brian put her off. Surely this will come up again.

This week, Brian is feeling cramped in his storage-room “office” and offers to use his amazing NZT-enhanced powers to capture the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” – in two weeks! The price? His own personal “headquarters” at the CJC office. And there appears to be another price to be paid personally, by Brian. It seems the secrets he has to keep from his father about his work for the Bureau is creating a chasm between the two, and his father has become distant, evident at a family dinner organized and cooked by Brian, to everyone else’s delight.

Watch the clip below and catch a new episode of LIMITLESS on November 17 at 10:00 p.m. on CBS.

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