THE GRINDER Sneak Peeks: Just a Regular Guy

the grinder

Stewart convinces Dean he can’t use his celebrity if he wants to be a “regular guy” in this week’s episode of THE GRINDER. So the next time Dean gets caught running a light, he demands that the officer gives him a ticket even though he recognizes him as The Grinder. Of course, then he’s able to use his “legal prowess” in court to fight the ticket.

But he moment the brothers find themselves in serious trouble, Dean’s fame may be the one thing that can bail them out. Finally, Debbie gets herself an assistant, but she ends up being more of an assistant to her.

Don’t miss a new episode of THE GRINDER on November 17 at 8:30 p.m. on Fox.

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  • JohnSmith

    I think I laugh harder with each, new episode! Love this show…and ROB!!! Try PureVPN if Fox Now live streaming is not working in your region.