ARROW-THE FLASH Crossover Preview: Introducing LEGENDS OF TOMORROW


THE FLASH and ARROW will be sharing another crossover this year that serves to set up the new spin-off LEGENDS OF TOMORROW and a new preview advertising the event has been released. In early December, we’ll be meeting Vandal Savage, a man who arrives in Central City and sets his sights on Kendra Saunders. When Kendra and Cisco are attacked by Savage, they turn to Barry for help. But Barry understands how dangerous Savage is and he takes Kendra to Star City and Oliver for help. Of course, that’s when things go bad. A man with wings (a.k.a. Hawkman) swoops in and flies off with Kendra.

In part 2 of the crossover, Oliver and Barry find Kendra and take her and Hawkman to a remote location to keep them hidden from Savage, while Malcolm sets up a meeting between Savage, Green Arrow and The Flash. Meanwhile, Felicity, Thea, Diggle and Laurel work with Team Flash to develop a weapon strong enough to kill Savage.

The ARROWFLASH crossover will air on December 1 and 2 beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on both nights on The CW.

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  • Harus Pilih

    Barry races to rescue Caitlin when Grodd kidnaps her; Cisco plans a date with the new barista at Jitters; Patty thinks Barry is hiding something.