CHICAGO FIRE Recap: Chain of Command

chicago fire

On this week’s CHICAGO FIRE, the whole of Firehouse 51 could be in jeopardy. Not physically of course, because that happens every day in their line of work, but politically and emotionally. With the new Chief working very hard to get Boyden fired, and in turn getting the new Lieutenant working to get Severide fired, 51 was under a lot of tension, and the “family” could soon be torn apart.

The first line of contention comes when out on a call, Severide makes a decision that contradicts what the new leader Patterson had dictated. Although the choice was a good call, Patterson is still angry enough to go to Boyden and ask for Severide to be taken off the squad. When that doesn’t work, he writes Kelley up and has him do mundane drills meant for a rookie. To complete their arc of animosity, while everyone is winding down at Molly’s and Patterson tries to talk to Kelley about the situation, Kelley threatens to “take the discussion outside” and receives a suspension for his threat of violence. The two of them really outa work this out.

In addition to the Patterson/Severide battle, Chief Riddle forced Boyden to review all of his incident reports from the past year, trying to catch him in a mistake. Riddle might not have to wait to long, because Boyden gets himself in quite the legal situation while trying to help out a neighbor. A pretty young woman who just moved in next door called for assistance in getting into her locked apartment. Clearly flirting, once Boyden is able to break down the door, she offers wine and a little something extra. Refusing gracsiously Boyden leaves to get back to his wife. However, later that evening the police show up with a picture of the woman badly beaten, with her claims that Boyden kicked down her door and attacked her. His story is left with the police driving him down to the station for questioning.

On a lighter note, Chili and Jimmy seem to have decided to continue there “secret” relationship after the kiss from last week. Despite the fact that now Brett, Dawson, and several others know about it, they won’t quit on the romance just yet. Another fun moment was when a call to save a mother and baby form the roof of a building landed the House with 4 backstage tickets to everyone’s favorite Rock and Roll band, Rush. Mouch takes three of his squad to meet their idols, and while they leave (thinking its lame) Mouch ends up getting first row tickets and a meet and greet with the band. It was his lucky night!

The last piece of drama on CHICAGO FIRE this week was with Cruz, and his involvement with the gang-life. An old friend of his brother Leon (whom Cruz had worked to get out of that life) came for a visit, with a box of old childhood memorabilia to give to Leon, to try and reconnect. Turns out this young man also wants out of the life. Cruz, being the good guy that he is, offers the Firehouse as a safe place for the young guy, anytime he needs. Viewers will have to see if this offer causes more harm than good.

Don’t forget to watch an all new CHICAGO FIRE on November 24 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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