JESSICA JONES Sneak Peeks: Kilgrave’s Abilities

jessica jones

The preview for JESSICA JONES warns us that there is a man out there that can control minds and he’s haunting Jessica just as she’s trying to put her life back together.

Now sneak peeks for the new Marvel Netflix series give us a glimpse into his abilities. Kilgrave (played by David Tennant) can indeed make people do whatever he wants. For example, he strolls right into an apartment and easily convinces the questioning child to disappear and the parents to invite him to stay. In a second clip, he manipulates his fellow poker players in to going all in on the next hand and then folding, pocketing the $1 million plus pot for himself.

How can Jessica defeat a man who can control everyone around him? You’ll have to wait until this weekend to find out.

JESSICA JONES debuts on Netflix on November 20.

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