THE BIG BANG THEORY Sneak Peeks: New Dates Take a Holiday

the big bang theory

Well, that went well. Last week on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Amy and Sheldon both made their first attempts at new relationships and both failed.

Amy’s new beau, Dave, was tall and had a British accent. That was enough to excite Penny and Bernadette but not enough to satisfy their curiosity. So the two staked out a parking spot across the street from the restaurant where Amy and Dave were having their dinner date. There, using binoculars to spy on the pair, Penny and Bernadette thought they saw Dave intensely interested in Amy. What we saw was that Dave was actually intensely interested in Amy’s former boyfriend, Sheldon, who as a math teacher Dave idolized. Dave spent the whole date talking about the one thing Amy didn’t want to discuss: Sheldon. Taking Dave home after the less-than-successful date, Amy decided she wasn’t interested in Dave anymore, and when Dave tried to hit on her for an introduction to Sheldon, Amy kicked him out of the car.

For his part, Sheldon decided he was over his pity party over Amy. He asked Raj and Howard to help him find a new girlfriend. They set up an ad on Craig’s List to attract an intelligent woman who is as much a science, science fiction, and game geek as Sheldon by requiring her to solve a series of puzzles that would reveal his contact information. If she showed up by 10 p.m., she would win. The three waited excitedly, but no one arrived in time. Just as they were giving up, there was a knock at the door. Sheldon opened the door to find a very attractive young woman. She seemed ideal, but after a short conversation, Sheldon said she missed the deadline and shut the door in her face, leaving Raj and Howard dumbfounded — with the rest of us.

This week, new dates take a holiday as Sheldon and Amy try just being friends in “The Platonic Permutation,” spending time together at the aquarium for Thanksgiving. What could go wrong, right? Howard reluctantly joins Bernadette, Raj, and Emily as volunteers at a soup kitchen for the holiday. And it appears Leonard knows a thing or two about Penny she doesn’t realize.

Watch a preview below and catch tonight’s new episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

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