MADAM SECRETARY Sneak Peeks: A Political Showdown

madam secretary

On the last episode of MADAM SECRETARY Russell and Elizabeth realized that National Security Advisor Craig Sterling is out to get them. In fact, he’s been trying to oust both of them from the President’s favor in order to become the sole voice that the President listens to.

But, of course, Russell and Elizabeth aren’t going to go down without a fight. As tensions rise with Russia in this week’s episode, Elizabeth, Russell and Mike B. hatch a plan to bring down Sterling from his role without causing a scandal for President Dalton. And as you can see from the sneak peek below, Russell’s role is to try and convince Sterling that he’s pulling a fast one on Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, the Director of National Intelligence, Ephraim Ware, tells the President and the Cabinet who hacked Air Force One.

Don’t miss an all new episode of MADAM SECRETARY on November 22 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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