THE GOOD WIFE Sneak Peeks: Searching for Clients

the good wife

Alicia and Lucca are desperate for new business in this week’s THE GOOD WIFE, so they come up with a few new ideas for generating leads, including having Grace cold call potential clients and poaching clients from Louis Canning. Eli also stops by with some news: he wants to have Alicia do a bit of work for Courtney Paige (guest star Vanessa Williams), who wants to bump up the salary of everyone working in her company. But Eli thinks it’s a bad idea and could hurt Peter so he wants Alicia to talk her out of it.

Over at Lockhart, Agos & Lee, Diane feels conflicted when Ethan Carver (guest star Peter Gallagher) returns and forces her to argue a case between pro-life and pro-choice advocates.

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