BLINDSPOT Sneak Peek: An Exciting Fall Midseason Finale


The drama, the suspense, the connecting of dots — all we’ve been watching on BLINDSPOT this season has led us to tonight’s fall midseason finale. What will we learn and what will they only tease us with to keep us wanting more for the winter season?

Last week, Special Agent Weller and Jane Doe were led to an abandoned property, where they encountered two assassins and clues leading them to a gala affair run by a former dot-com genius turned high-flying seller of secrets. Weller and Jane posed as the assassins to learn what the assassins’ mission was, using the clues to put them in touch with the eccentric dot-commer. It turned out, the assassins were bidding for a secure list of names and that the dot-commer was also selling the list to others. Weller and Jane pulled a sleight-of-hand to secure the list and arrested the dot-commer as they were rescued by Agents Zapatta and Reade.

A side story that will lead into this week’s episode involved Patterson’s former live-in boyfriend, David. He wasn’t about to give up on his relationship with Patterson, and he took on a mission to solve the mystery of the library books with the strange codes before FBI Assistant Director Mayfair confronted the two and Patterson broke up with him. Patiently observing the books in the library, David finally saw a red-haired woman circling letters in the book and then leaving. David followed her to a park and then to an alley. What a naive David didn’t see was that he was also being followed. As David tailed the woman, and as she turned a corner into the alley, he followed her and was confronted by someone, who killed him. The man following David rushed to him and made a call to Mayfair. Patterson, Weller, Zapata, and Jane were called to the hospital, where Mayfair told them that David hadn’t made it.

And that brings us to tonight’s BLINDSPOT. Weller’s team goes after a sleeper cell of spies and assassins related to David’s death. Weller promises Patterson that the team will find whoever killed David, and as the clues come in, Patterson is determined to help find them, despite her grief. Meanwhile, CIA Assistant Director Carter finally takes matters into his own hands, waterboarding Jane and demanding to know who she is. When she says she doesn’t know who she is, he refuses to believe her. Carter tells Mayfair, “I’ve done my job, now you do yours.”

Danger, cliffhanger ahead! Watch the clips below and catch tonight’s exciting fall finale of BLINDSPOT at 10:00 p.m. on NBC.

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