MINORITY REPORT: The Cast Teases the Memento Mori, an Attack & the Upcoming Finale

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The Memento Mori are going to be playing a huge role in the next two episodes of MINORITY REPORT. These “murderous, violent rebels” will be surfacing, according to Megan Good (Vega). During a visit to the set of MINORITY REPORT in Vancouver, we spoke to the cast about what this rebel group is up to and what it will mean for the precogs and their allies.

“Memento Mori is, so far, a flag. None of us have really been able to find what this Memento Mori really means,” Wilmer Valderrama (Blake) said. “All we know is that it’s attached to a threat. And the threat is really big. And we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of lives are being threatened. That to me, is where the stakes go — through the roof for us because now we have a crazy dilemma. We could do this very conventionally. But if we have certain tools [like the precogs] that may be able to help us prevent this from happening, where is the sacrifice, really? For all of these characters, each one of them have a certain ulterior motive, but most importantly each one of them have a certain point of view on the matter. And that conversation is going to be happening in real time as we’re trying to solve or prevent this from happening. So eventually a lot of unpredictable, last-minute decisions are going to have be to made. And at a very high cost. So certain things are definitely coming. But Memento Mori is an underground movement that is threatening the safety and security of our country.”

Meanwhile, Henry Blomfeld will be returning and, according to Good, “He’s got the answers, he’s the oracle, he knows way too many things. Blake…he kind of doesn’t know to what degree, but Vega starts to figure it out. He is very instrumental to the next coming episodes and you’ll see that. He wants to make the world a better place and there’s only one real way that he sees that that can happen and that’s by being able to save lives. So we’ll see how that goes.”

We’re also going to some complications between allies, such as the crime-solving trio of Dash, Vega and Wally. “I will say that [the relationship between Wally, Dash and Vega] does get more complicated,” hints Daniel London (Wally). “What we’re about to shoot, there’s some holes are beginning to develop in what I think so far has been a pretty smooth working relationship between the three of us, but certainly between Dash and Vega. But things get a little trickier and Wally is kind of in this observational position where he has to kind of figure out what’s going on and how to best navigate some bumps that come up in the road. I think Wally was pretty skeptical of Vega at first and was protective of Dash. But I do think, you know, she’s sort of proven herself to Wally in many ways.”

Executive Producer Max Bornstein hints that Vega is going to be quite conflicted about using the precogs as well: “She now has a personal relationship by the end of the season with all three of them and yet there’s still going to be a question of what is your responsibility as a police detective and as a human being knowing that those three people could potentially save thousands of lives, tens of thousands of lives. What then? Do they still deserve their freedom? I guess, if it’s a simple textbook question. It gets a lot harder when you’re thinking about other people who have lost their parents and other people who will lose people they care about and die. She’s really at the center. And as we know from Agatha’s vision, she’s going to be there one way or another when that happens.”

And MINORITY REPORT has been leading up to the revelation of Agatha’s vision about the precogs returning to the milk bath, with Vega leaning over them. Laura Regan (Agatha) says that “You’ll see that episodes 9 [airing November 23] and 10 [airing November 30], it’s actually really cool and twisty and turn-y how we get to the place where they realize ‘Ah, this is what the vision meant’. And it means something different to everybody at that point, and Arthur and Agatha especially have a moment in Episode 10 where you’ll see them kind of look at each other [and say] ‘So that’s what the vision meant’, because they’ve been discussing it for so long.”

What are we looking forward to at the end of episode 10? Regan said that “there’s a cliffhanger, but [the finale] wraps up the big questions of this season — the big questions of that vision and what it meant [and what’s going on with] Memento Mori. There is an attack coming related to this vision, and that will get wrapped up.”

MINORITY REPORT airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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