CASTLE Winter Finale Recap: Loksat Mystery Ignited


On this week’s CASTLE, when a woman is found murdered with a bag of heroin in her throat, Beckett gets closer than ever before to finding the elusive Loksat, but the cost almost becomes her marriage.

The case begins with a simple murder, a dancer on a cruise ship, but something is strange when the M.E. pulls out a bag of heroin from her throat. Castle weasels his way into the case, still trying to win Beckett back after their anniversary together. They both make their way onto the ship, where they discover a camera with footage of the victim spying on what they believe to be the drugs being moved through the trash. And this video tape comes with a clear shot of the suspect.

Bringing in the assumed drug mule, Beckett interrogates the suspect (who appears guilty of the murder but not of the drug charges), then makes a deal with the public defender, Caleb Brown, to make sure he goes to prison for 2nd degree murder. Case closed.

Unfortunately, the case isn’t quite closed for Beckett, because Vickram ran the heroin found in the victim’s throat and it was a 100 percent match to the drugs that Vulcan Simmons ships out. This match means that the murderer is connected with the person who killed Beckett’s team in D.C.

Working on trying to find Locksat and the connection to the victim, Vickram and Beckett work from their secret office while back in the Private Eye Office, Castle and Hayley make the decision to hack into Beckett’s phone. A viral war ensues where Beckett knows Castle is hacking her and Castle knows Beckett is lying to him. And so while Hayley and Vickram try to out-hack each other, Kate and Rick are on their phones, in their respect locations, trying to out-lie one another. Very confusing but sad nonetheless.

Finally, Kate and Vickram win the hacking war, and prevent Rick and Haylee from getting into their files, therefore keeping Castle from being a target on Loksat’s radar. This comes with consequences though, as Rick comes into the precinct later and confronts Kate about her behavior. Now that Castle has put all the pieces together about what Kate is investigating and why she broke up with him, he wants answers. He claims that she likes being broken and needs this obsession, which only hurts him because they could have been working this Loksat case together.

Kate seems to have taken his words to heart because at the very end of the episode, Kate comes to Castle’s door, explaining how he was absolutely right, and how she wants them to get back together. After a moment of hesitation from Castle’s part, he gives viewers what we have been waiting months for…Kate and Rick officially back together. Sealed with a steamy kiss and some witty banter about “naked times” the two make their way to the bedroom, seemingly ready to face the world together.

But will they be able to face Loksat together? Especially given Beckett’s discovery that the defense attorney Caleb Brown is working for Loksat somehow, and her subsequent plans to tail him? These questions and the state of Rick and Kate’s future will be answered when CASTLE returns with all new episodes on February 1 on ABC.


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