LIMITLESS Sneak Peek: Dad’s Compelling Demand


LIMITLESS is at its best when it has some fun with its characters, as it did last week. But it is its most compelling when it turns serious, as it does this week.

Last week, Brian Finch really, really, really wanted his own FBI “headquarters!” CJC head Naz would prefer to call it simply an office, but after a month of being bugged, cajoled, and promised that he would deliver the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted criminals within two weeks with the help of his own team, Naz finally gave in. And Brian and his rag-tag team nearly got all ten of them. Brian also got to enjoy his “H.Q.” although he had to add his own “!”

Back at his fab FBI-provided apartment, Brian entertained his family. Everyone loved the accommodations and Brian’s cough-catered-cough gourmet meal, except for Brian’s father. Brian’s father was noticeably distant. In fact, his father later revealed he felt distant from his son because his son had always been honest with him, and now Brian was being anything but honest with him. His father brought in a box of things he had collected over the years to return to Brian, and at that point Brian finally told his father about using NZT.

And this leads us to tonight’s episode of LIMITMESS, “Arm-ageddon,” when Brian has a heart-to-heart talk with his father, and his father lays down some hard truth about the limited drug trial that Brian is on and what may be its unimagined consequences for his son. Dad’s very compelling demand is that Brian stop working for the FBI. Meanwhile, it seems evil forces have begun hacking prosthetic arms, affecting the life of Agent Boyle’s former military buddy, who is accused of murder. And, of course, Boyle asks for Brian’s help in clearing him.

Watch the clip below and catch tonight’s new episode of LIMITLESS at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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