BLOOD & OIL Sneak Peeks: A Party and an Investigation

blood & oil

Briggs Oil is celebrating its 30th anniversary on this week’s BLOOD & OIL. But the federal investigation into Hap’s business dealings and his company will also be intensifying. Still, the party must go on!

Hap is convinced that there’s an informant in his midst, so he clamps down on security. But this has the inadvertent side effect of nearly exposing Wick as the source of the leak. All of this leads Wick to recruit an unlikely accomplice to help him bring down his father. And from the looks of one of the clips below, that accomplice may be Jules. She’s coming to realize that Hap played them both and apologizes for the way she treated Wick.

Meanwhile, Annie has decided to set up shop in town with Billy, her new partner. But he’s going to find himself increasingly more preoccupied by Gary Laframoise, who has the potential to expose Billy’s lies.

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