THE GOOD WIFE Sneak Peeks: The Appearance of Impropriety

the good wife

Jason and Alicia have been growing closer on THE GOOD WIFE and fans have been curious whether the pair will become more than professional any time soon. You know who else is curious? Ruth. Actually, she’s more “terrified” and “upset” than “curious”.

In this week’s episode, Ruth has convinced Alicia to film a few campaign ads when Jason stops by. He comes clean with Alicia that he’s been doing freelance work for Diane and Cary’s firm and she seems fine with that. But when Ruth spots the two of them looking “chummy”, she becomes worried. And instead of speaking to Alicia about it, she goes to Eli. Eli seems surprised at the implication that there’s sparks between Alicia and Jason and dismisses Ruth’s concern. But she’s adamant that even the appearance of an affair could harm Peter’s campaign and so Eli tells her that he’ll get to the bottom of the situation.

Meanwhile, Alicia and Lucca team up with Louis Canning to defend a website against an accusation of racial profiling, which brings chumhum back into the spotlight.

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