ARROW and THE FLASH Crossover: Burning Questions About Hawkgirl and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

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New and returning superheroes join up with Team Flash and Team Arrow to battle immortal villain, Vandal Savage as the prelude to LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.

For those not yet a part of the graphic-novelverse, we have the first in a series of burning questions about what may be in store when LEGENDS OF TOMORROW premieres Thursday, January 21.

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s…Hawkgirl?

Yes, another flying female has entered the DC Television Universe as superhero newbie, Hawkgirl (Ciara Reneé), which brings us to the first group of “Burning Questions” that come to mind as the LEGENDS OF TOMORROW premiere approaches.

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A bit of history…

In the DC Universe, there have been multiple heroes named “Hawkgirl”…Shiera, Chay-Ara, Shayera Hol and Kendra Saunders.  All have been the lover/wife of Hawkman, aka Prince Khufu/Katar Hol/Carter Hall.

They have chased each other through destiny, time and 4000 years, reincarnating to find one another again and again.

And now the questions…

Question 1:

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Now that Hawkgirl’s alter-ego, Kendra Saunders, has come to Central City from Wisconsin, will she remember who she is?

Question 2:

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How long will it take for her to remember her beloved prince and her past lives?

Question 3:

Hawkgirl photo Burning Questions 1

What is the best way to convince someone that they are from the planet Thanagar?

 Question 4:

Hawkgirl from Flash video

Will she remember how to utilize her powers right away or will there be a learning curve?

Question 5:

Hawkgirl burning questions kendra and cisco copy

When Katar Hol/Carter Hall arrives, what is to become of the budding romance between Kendra and sexy Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) of Team Flash?

Question 6:

Hawkgirl photo 1 Burning Questions 1

How long until she learns how to wield heavy weapons like her trademark mace, axes and swords?

 Question 7:

Hawkgirl photo 6 Burning Questions 1

Will this “new” Hawkgirl be the Kendra Saunders version most recently seen in graphic novels and JUSTICE LEAGUE animated series or an amalgamation of the iterations?

Question 8:

Ciara Renee at CW upfront

Will Ciara Reneé, an accomplished singer and Broadway star, team up with other Team Flash members, such as Grant Gustin (The Flash) and Victor Garber (Professor Martin Stein) for a rendition of “Fly Me To The Moon?” Just kidding, but one can hope.  There is a lot of musical talent on this show!

Read more about the ARROW/FLASH crossover from our recent trip to the set in Vancouver and watch the  extended preview.

Watch the epic crossover of THE FLASH and ARROW tonight and tomorrow night at 8pm ET/PT on The CW.

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