ARROW Mid-Season Finale Preview: Removing Your Motivation


Damien Darhk will be making a big move against Oliver in the mid-season finale of ARROW. There’s another attack in Star City thanks to Darhk, prompting Oliver to make his own move against HIVE. In an extended preview for this week’s episode, we see Oliver clearly exposing Darhk as HIVE’s leader and publicly announcing that the group is trying to take down the city.

This prompts Darhk to crash Oliver’s holiday party at his mayoral HQ and make his move. But Darhk’s not just going after Oliver. Sure, he’s tossing him across the room with his magical powers, but that’s just a parlor trick. Darhk’s big move is capturing all of Oliver’s loved ones and orchestrating their demise in an effort to remove Oliver’s motivation to keep fighting. While the preview shows us that Thea and Diggle (and possibly others) are trapped inside of a room with what looks like poisonous gas, the video ends with Felicity gasping for air while telling Oliver that she loves him.

Is Felicity the one inside that grave from the season premiere or will Oliver find a way to save her?

Don’t miss the midseason finale of ARROW on December 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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