Our Top 5 Reactions From The CW’s ARROW FLASH Crossover Event!

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It’s been a week since the awesome FLASH and ARROW crossover and if you know anything about the theTVaddict.com, you know that we love a good crossover. So since we all have finally had time to recover and re-watch (admit it, you know you did), let’s talk about the best parts of the two episode event.

The Olicity Moment that happened and then didn’t happen
There was a crazy breakup scene between Ollie and Felicity, everyone. They actually broke up before Barry went back in time and caused Felicity to not catch Ollie in his lie. Oliver being a father is huge and the fact that he is going to keep that secret from Felicity will definitely come back to bite him in his green shorts. Felicity has come so far over that last couple of seasons so she may never forgive Ollie for lying to her about something this big. Why Ollie can’t be honest with her when he knows this is going to blow up in his face, I’ll never know. An even bigger question, how can Ollie’s baby mama think it’s ok to even ask this of him?

The Flash and Arrow interactions
The best part of these two episodes had to be when Barry tried to hug Ollie and Ollie said he isn’t a hugger but Barry hugged him anyways. Barry has always been able to lighten Ollie and Ollie has always been able to get to the heart of any issue Barry is having. Seeing these two superheroes interact always makes me wish that there was a crossover every episode.

Barry will have to tell Patty the truth now, right?
Will Barry tell Patty about his secret identity now? I for one hope so. I get that Iris and Barry are probably endgame but I just don’t see it. What I do see is how adorable Barry is with Patty. So why not tell her his secret? At this point how else does the gang explain that she didn’t shoot the Harrison Wells that killed Barry’s mother but instead she shot the Harry Wells from Earth 2. Without Barry telling Patty the truth he will look completely insane and she will probably never trust him again.

What is Malcom up to?
There have been so many times when I wondered why the Arrow writers decided to make John Barrowman a series regular. Don’t get me wrong, Barrowman is great as Malcolm Merlyn but I didn’t think there was a permanent place for in the show. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Merlyn somehow always finds his place in the thick of all the drama. And this crossover event was no difference. Why did Meryn take the ashes of Vandal Savage? What could his play be? And did he say Savage would owe him? Are they friends? This is the one development that I need answered/explained immediately.

Legends of Tomorrow looks like it is going to be awesome!
The most exciting reaction to come from this crossover is just how epic Legends of Tomorrow is going to be. Learning about Hawkgirl and seeing her crazy flashback to her past life got me so excited for all the different avenues that Legends can take. We already knew that Sara and Ray are amazing characters so it’s nice to see that I probably will care about Hawkgirl and Hawkboy just as much. I will say one thing though, if we don’t get to see the reunion between Nyssa and Sara (now that Sara has her soul back) my head will explode. Balls in your court, Legends of Tomorrow writers!

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