BONES: Six Teasers from the Cowboy and Explosion-Filled Winter Finale


Booth and Brennan are going back undercover in the first half of the two-hour BONES winter finale. But after a lighthearted and fun episode, the mood turns serious. In the second hour, the team tries to find a cop killer. After having watched the two episodes, we have some teasers to share with you.

Giddy-up! The squints are called in to investigate the death of an accountant who liked to participate in the Frontier Games on the weekend, which involve people wearing traditional cowboy garb and participating in shooting and other competitions. Booth is eager to go undercover at the upcoming games in an attempt to find the killer, thinking that it will be fun. But it’s really Aubrey who seems desperate to participate and can’t stop talking about riding horses. Eventually, he has one of the best entrance lines of the episode (“I’m your posse!”)

Mid-Life Crisis? Booth isn’t really old enough to be having a mid-life crisis, but Brennan is worried when she finds out that he’s interested in buying a motorcycle or a jet ski. She and Angela think that Booth might be trying to insert some excitement into his otherwise-boring life and while Brennan was initially going to stay in the lab, she decides to join the games and surprise Booth.

A Little Friendly Competition. When Booth and Brennan first meet up in the saloon she pretends they don’t know each other, which leads another man there to think she’s available. Booth is also pretending he can’t really shoot when he enters his first competition, so Brennan ends up blowing him out of the water. But Booth is eager to prove his sniper skills when Brennan insists she’s a better shot, leading to a competition between the couple.

A Growing Family? Angela agrees to look after Christine and Hank while Booth and Brennan are away and then agrees to babysit baby Lance when Daisy needs some free time. This prompts her to reiterate to Hodgins that she’s always wanted a big family and they can use the time to “practice”. Will the pair be expanding their own family soon?

Old and New Relationships. We see Cam and Sebastian have begun a relationship, but Cam doesn’t seem eager to properly define it. And when Arastoo returns in the second episode to help with the case, he and Cam seem awkward around each other. But it does seem like we’ll get some resolution to her recent relationship drama by the end of the episodes.

A Problem With Authority. The second episode begins with a case involving the death of a police officer whose dead body was rigged to explode. Aubrey and Hodgins are called to the scene and Hodgins unknowingly triggers the explosive when he pulls out the victim’s ringing phone. Aubrey is a quick thinker and pulls him to safety, shielding him with his own body. But the repercussions of this explosion will reverberate throughout the episode as the team tries to track down a killer who clearly has a problem with authority. And the episode will be ending on a cliffhanger involving one member of the team….

Don’t miss the winter finale of BONES airing on December 10 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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