MYTHBUSTERS Final Season Sneak Peek: Ending with a Bang


I cannot believe this is it, the final season of MYTHBUSTERS. It premieres in January. All this month Adam Savage has been peppering his social media pages with hints of what is to come and he finally posted a sneak peek of the amazing shows we’re about to see.

When Adam and Jamie Hyneman came to agreement with the Discovery Channel over the ending of the series, Discovery allowed them one final season to wrap things up. And Adam and Jamie gave long, hard thought about what myths to explore. They came up with a mixture of things they had always wanted to do but just hadn’t been able to, for one reason or another, and fan favorites, including a revisit of everyone’s all-time favorite, the exploding cement hauler. Adam said on the MYTHBUSTERS Facebook page, “MYTHBUSTERS’ final season has so much of all of my favorite stuff packed in it. Feels like the last and best lap around a familiar and beloved track.” Should be a lollapalooza of a grand finale.

Watching the video below, I counted at least 13 potential myths. Whether that means 13 episodes or six episodes with a couple of myths each, I don’t know. But one thing is for certain: We’re in for one heck of an amazing close out of the series. And Adam has said they saved the mother of all explosions for the final episode.

MYTHBUSTERS had its problems the past season, from losing three of its most beloved co-hosts to changing its show format, all things that turned many fans off. From the looks of it, MYTHBUSTERS is giving its fans reason to return to the show for one final round. If you are or were a MYTHBUSTERS fan, you may want to tune in again beginning in January for the rockets, the car drops, the body blows, the multiple explosions, the mayhem, and yes, the one more time for the disintegrating cement hauler. They’re going out with a bang and Adam Savage’s contagious laugh. Be there.

See the sneak peek below and watch for the season premiere of MYTHBUSTERS on Discovery Channel January 9.

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