THE 100 Extended Season 3 Preview: Brave New World

the 100

The CW released a short look at the upcoming third season of THE 100 late last week, but now the network has unveiled the first full-length trailer for the returning series.

We open the preview with Clarke, dressed as a Grounder. She insists that she’s “no one”, but a man warns her that “a lot of people out there right now looking for no one.” Clarke is clearly broken up about killing the people in Mount Weather and has separated herself from her people. Bellamy opted to remain at the Arkers’ camp, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t grieving for his choices as well. And Kane is warning him that there are threats within their own walls as war continues to rage on the ground.

Jaha, meanwhile, has been taken in by Alie, the AI system that appears to have destroyed the world. He insists that “the City of Light is real”, but how stable is Jaha now that he’s been armed with his own nuclear weapon?

Finally, it appears that there is a lot of conflict coming up between Octavia and Bellamy. She insists that her brother is “on the wrong side” and then, after a beatdown, tells him that he’s dead to her.

The scope of the upcoming third season looks enormous and the moral ambiguity of the characters looks fully intact. This preview is — in one word — awesome.

THE 100 will return for its third season on Thursday, January 21 at 9/8c on The CW.

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