The Subtle Ways Your TV Addiction Shows

Think you aren’t addicted to TV? You might be surprised, it’s probably infiltrating your life in more ways than you might have imagined! But how, you ask? It’s not as though you think your favourite characters are real or anything (not yet, anyway…) but TV is probably affecting your life in more ways than you know!

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Your Work
Okay, this one isn’t as positive. You might think that TV isn’t affecting your work ethic, but there’s a strong chance it is. Okay, if you are in an office or a shop job, the chances are the TV isn’t too much of a distraction. But if you work from home, or you run a business, there’s literally nothing stopping you from watching TV all day and night and letting the time run away from you. It’s great that you can tell everyone who’s just won the X Factor, but it’s not so great when you suddenly can’t recall your client’s names at the next meeting, and you’ve also done zero prep.

Your Sleep
We absolutely promise that there’s no hate here; nobody is trying to get you to boycott your fave shows. But if you binge throughout the day, that Netflix addiction most likely often takes you through into the night. When you’re constantly saying to yourself “…just one more episode”, your energy will decrease and loads of areas of your life will be affected, eek! There are a few more productive things you can do.

Your Relaxation Time
This one’s good, promise. Sometimes sitting down to watch TV can be the best chance of relaxation that you’ve got. Providing you don’t get too carried away, it’s often so good to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself, forgetting about your real life. When you’re so busy worrying about something absolutely ridiculous like a dragon tribe coming to kill the village or the cast of a reality show making bigger messes of your life than you are, it is much easier to let your anxieties fade away!

Your Relationships 
Okay, nobody’s saying to leave your boyfriend or girlfriend or your husband or wife for that hot character on TV but there are actually a load of things you can learn about relationships in general, both romantic and otherwise.

For example, there will always be some storyline or other about an emotionally draining relationship. Now, in these situations it is obviously best to seek out professional help if it’s really happening in your life, but at the same time, seeing someone else walking away in your shoes can be really empowering and help you to visualise a positive life after you pluck up the courage to leave.

It can also help you appreciate the good people – TV dramas are so melodramatic that they can often make your own family seem really normal and like saints! 

Your Wallet
When you’re in the house watching TV instead of out at the pub or the club, you’re not spending that hard earned cash. Plus, if you’re addicted to Netflix or your favourite live guilty pleasures, you’re not spending on things that are otherwise bad for you.

Overall, TV transports us to another world, and makes us escape for a little while. It’s a bit like reading, except it’s accessible to basically everyone. TV can join people together, and it will rarely keep them apart! It’s a great tool for keeping the kids happy, families linked, and there are even TV shows about people watching TV these days! It’s a massive part of our lives, and as long as you separate fiction from reality, it’s a lot of fun!

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