MAKING A MURDERER: Watch Episode 1 of Netflix’s New True Crime Documentary Here


True crime has been a big thing lately, what with the popularity of the Serial podcast and the HBO documentary THE JINX. Now Netflix is getting in to the game with MAKING A MURDERER, which is available for streaming as of today (December 18).

But in case you don’t have Netflix, you can watch episode 1 below. MAKING A MURDERER focuses on Steven Avery, a man who spent 18 years in prison for a sexual assault he didn’t commit. When he was finally exonerated due to DNA evidence, he returned home a happy man. But he also brought a lawsuit against his town’s law enforcement officials that he believed targeted him for the crime, seeking to expose the truth and get some restitution.

Shortly after, Avery was back in court — this time charged with a murder. Is he guilty or are the police looking to set him up again to make his lawsuit go away? The filmmakers chronicled this fascinating story for 10 years and are looking to figure out the truth behind all of this corruption.

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