THE GOOD WIFE Preview: Alicia Unleashes Her Rage on Eli

the good wife

At the end of THE GOOD WIFE’s winter finale, Eli confessed something to Alicia: he had deleted a voicemail from Will Gardner years before with a confession that Will was in love with her. Alicia and Will’s relationship burned bright and then fizzled out, with Will being killed in a tragic courtroom shooting (leading to one of the show’s finest episodes).

And while Will’s death means that Alicia can never act on this crucial piece of information that Eli confessed to her, that doesn’t mean she’s going to let it go. In fact, she’s furious with Eli, as you can see from this preview below for the show’s January return.

Tensions will be high as the entire Florrick family joins Eli and Ruth in a campaign bus to the Iowa Caucuses. And, according to CBS, “once there, Peter attempts a high-risk political stunt to gain votes for his presidential bid.”

THE GOOD WIFE returns on Sunday, January 10 at 9:00 p.m. on CBS.

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