NEW GIRL Season 5 Sneak Peeks: Cece’s Mother Arrives…But How Does She Feel About the Engagement?

new girl

The apartment is a-buzz with wedding preparations in the season premiere of NEW GIRL.

We open with a proposal…this time Schmidt is proposing that Nick act as his Best Man, while Jess is desperately waiting for Cece to ask her to act as her Maid of Honor. There’s been a few other changes in the interim, including Nick becoming a minority owner of the bar and Winston being named a local hero after saving a kid from being crushed by a car (and it’s putting him in the spotlight in a way he doesn’t like). All of this good fortune leads Jess to declare that it’s “the year of us.”

Cece’s mother (Big Mama P) is coming to town thanks to Jess, who is planning an elaborate engagement party for Cece and Schmidt (complete with Bollywood dancers). But no one seems aware that Cece’s mother doesn’t know about the engagement. And when Cece finds out that her mother is in LA, she freaks out.

But the arrival of Cece’s mother (complete with Nick botching her pick-up from the airport in hilarious fashion) is just the first in a series of catastrophes in the “year of us”. The second is Jess falling down the stairs and breaking both of her legs.

The next catastrophe comes with Cece’s mother utter disapproval in her daughter’s choice of a husband and snowballs from there.

Don’t miss the season premiere of NEW GIRL on January 5 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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