KILLING FIELDS Preview: Discovery’s New True Crime Documentary Tackles a Cold Case

killing fields

If you got hooked on Netflix’s MAKING A MURDERER documentary over the holidays, then Discovery’s KILLING FIELDS is going to be your next fix.

Eighteen years ago, Eugenie Boisfontaine disappeared and her body was found in the Louisiana swamplands several months later. Homicide Detective Rodie Sanchez broke an unwritten rule of police officers and promised Eugenie’s mother that he would solve her daughter’s case. But the swamplands — a body dumpsite — worked to erase evidence of the crime and Rodie retired without discovering Eugenie’s killer.

Fastforward to the present day, when Eugenie’s case has become the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office most infamous cold case. Still tormented by his failure, Rodie has come out of retirement to get one last crack at solving this murder. He’s been paired with Detective Aubrey St. Angelo (the “Google” to Rodie’s “Yellow Pages”), who is working the first cold case of his career. Armed with all of the resources of the Sheriff’s Office, Rodie and Aubrey are determined to close the book on Eugenie’s story. But will Louisiana’s notorious Killing Fields emerge victorious?

KILLING FIELDS premieres on Tuesday, January 5 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

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