NCIS News: Michael Weatherly To Leave the Show

Michael Weatherly photo leaving NCIS

When word got out that two new series regulars were being considered for NCIS, the rumor mill began to churn.  Thirteen years at any job, especially one that can top 60 hours/week, is a grind.

Now, it has been confirmed on Twitter by Michael Weatherly that Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo will be leaving the NCIS canvas later this season.

One of Weatherly’s early jobs was on LOVING.  Anyone who knows soap actors knows that ridiculously long days and mountains of dialogue and intricate blocking are par for the course.

Perhaps it was Weatherly’s background on LOVING that made him a guy who is quick on the uptake or gave him the background for the fine pacing that is seen in his acting and directing.  Not all actors do hilarity and pathos with equal deftness.

Weatherly hits all of the high notes, the low notes, and every note in between.  He does it all so well that he makes it look easy…even when it is not.

As for his directorial skills, all I have to do is think about the bomb-sniffing dog at the cemetery in the episode, “Seek,” and I have to fight back the tears.  He is a fabulous director!  Who knew this Very Funny Man could pull our heartstrings so brilliantly.

While we have the remaining shows of this season (and thankfully, those cable marathons) to get our dose of DiNozzo, we will miss Michael Weatherly and thank him for his service to us, the TV viewers who love him.

So, as you grab your gear and head to the elevator for that last time later this season, we thank you, Michael Weatherly!   You and DiNozzo are both VERY SPECIAL!


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