NCIS and NCIS: NEW ORLEANS Sneak Peeks: Mercy! That’s A Hot Combo!

NCIS NCIS NOLA photo crossover composite picture Sister Cities s13e11 & s2e11

NCIS and NCIS: NEW ORLEANS join forces tonight in a crossover that is a reminder of the finest in Cajun cuisine…a little hot, a little spicy, a little quirky and a combination of all of the best ingredients to get a fabulous treat!

Longtime NCIS fans know that Abby Sciuto and her portrayer, Pauley Perrette, both are from New Orleans and both hold master’s degrees in Criminology.  Abby has two brothers, Kyle Davis, her brother by blood and Luca Sciuto, the son of the deaf parents who adopted her at an early age.

NCIS NCIS NOLA photo crossover Luca and Abby Sister Cities s13e11 & s2e11

Until tonight, Luca only has been seen in flashbacks of the Sciutos as children (when he was played by a younger Cole Sand).

Now Luca (Tyler Ritter) is a grown man who has been working as a chef.  When the passengers and crew of a private plane bound from New Orleans to Washington D.C. are poisoned, there is evidence that indicates that Luca may be responsible…except that Luca does not like to fly.

When the plane crashes, Pride (Scott Bakula) tells Gibbs (Mark Harmon) that Luca’s name was on the manifest.

The D.C. and NOLA teams pool their resources to help locate Luca and to investigate why a private tech company was targeted.  Was a lethal toxin introduced through the food and, if so, was the food contaminated by Abby’s brother.

The second part of the two-hour crossover follows immediately after NCIS when Pride and the NOLA team investigate a Russian sleeper agent with whom a slightly-naïve Luca had been in contact.

The teams converge to focus maximum resources on the situation.  Sebastian (Rob Kerkovich) flies to D.C. to partner with Abby on the forensics in the case while Bishop (Emily Wickersham) drives through the night to deliver a package and work the case with the New Orleans team.

Ducky (David McCallum) and Palmer (Brian Dietzen) are intercepted by someone with Russian diplomatic plates as they participate in a ruse set up by Gibbs to draw out more information.

But the worst part of the assignment may be DiNozzo’s (Michael Weatherly).  He may have to arrest Luca…in front of Abby.

Tonight’s crossover event is titled, “Sister City.”  Other stars appearing are NCIS’s Sean Murray and Rocky Carroll and NOLA’s Lucas Black, Zoe McLellan, Shalita Grant, Darryl “Chill” Mitchell and CCH Pounder.

Lev Gorn recurs as Russian Counselor Anton Pavlenki.  Other guest stars include Bryan Batt, Alex Quijano, Wendy Davis, Jamie Gray Hyder, Abraham Amkpa, Ilia Volok, Samran Chakrabarti.

Also appearing is the fabulous Cassidy Freeman (SMALLVILLE’s Tess “Mercy” Mercer) as a woman with an agenda.

Part 1 of “Sister City” was written by Christopher J. Waild and directed by Leslie Libman.  Part 2 was written by Christopher Silber and directed by James Hayman.

NCIS (which found its way onto The TV Addict Year in Review “best list” in several categories) airs tonight at 8pm followed immediately by NCIS: NEW ORLEANS on CBS.  Check out the tasty combination of flavors…they are hot, hot, hot!

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