David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson Help Jimmy Kimmel Parody THE X-FILES


Back when THE X-FILES was on, Mulder and Scully were trying to crack a massive government conspiracy without the technology that everyone enjoys today. It was the days before flat screen monitors and the internet as we know it.

It turns out that Jimmy Kimmel is a huge fan of THE X-FILES, so he brought David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson together for a parody of the show that celebrates — and then criticizes — everything that was so ’90s about the series. The hair (seriously, check out their wigs!), the computers, the floppy disks and beanie babies. But, as Kimmel reminds us, even if the new season turns out to be ill-advised, we’ll always have Mulder and Scully in the ’90s to remember fondly.

Oh yeah, and the two of them should totally get it on, because it’s been 23 years already!

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  • Miss Supernatural

    LMAO, I love it so much!