LAW & ORDER: SVU Sneak Peek: Right in the Thick of It


It’s been a while since Olivia Benson has been a hostage on LAW & ORDER: SVU. In fact, it’s been two years since she was kidnapped by William Lewis. But in this week’s episode, she’ll find herself a hostage once again.

This time, however, Olivia isn’t alone with her kidnapper(s). This time she tries to intervene in a home invasion situation/robbery and gets herself locked in the house along with the other victims. The kidnappers don’t seem that upset to have a police office in their midst once they disarm her. And, as they point out, she’ll probably do whatever she has to survive for her son.

Don’t miss a thrilling new episode of LAW & ORDER: SVU tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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