ELEMENTARY Sneak Peeks: Did a Victim Know Her Killer?


Family has been a big theme on ELEMENTARY this year and it continues in this week’s episode. Only this time we’re not dealing with Sherlock on Joan’s family, but the victim’s.

In “A Burden of Blood”, Sherlock and Joan are called in to investigate the homicide of a young woman whose murder is partly recorded on her home’s answering machine. When they discover that she was pregnant and may have been having an affair, the suspect pool widens. It’s then that they realize she was murdered in a manner reminiscent of the crimes of an infamous, and already incarcerated, serial killer. And, it turns out, she and her family had an interesting and morbid connection to these crimes.

Meanwhile, Sherlock discovers that Joan has been tutoring Marcus Bell for a police sergeant’s exam that would lead to a promotion and he volunteers (rather forcefully) to take over the tutoring.

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