CHICAGO FIRE Sneak Peek: Borelli and Chili…Over?


On every episode of CHICAGO FIRE, the emotional stakes are just as important as the physical ones the medics and firefighters face everyday. However, on this week’s Chicago Fire, it looks like Chili and Borelli will face their toughest challenge yet; each other.

After a tough breakup last week, instigated by Lieutenant’s discovery (and disapproval of) their relationship, Borelli decides to end things with his recent girlfriend. However, as we see in the sneak peek, Chili is not too happy about that. When asked if they can remain friends, her answer is a quick yes followed by a change of heart. She blows up at him, saying that she doesn’t want to remain friends just so he can feel better! The tension in the room is high as she finishes her rant with “you’re not even worth it.”

Will they mend their relationship and get past the challenges or is this is for CHICAGO FIRE’s newest couple? Make sure to watch the newest episode on January 19 at 10:00 pm ET/PT on NBC.

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