CHICAGO FIRE Recap: When Tornados Hit

chicago fire

Herman is back! On this week’s episode of CHICAGO FIRE, after recovering from his near-fatal stab wound, Herman is finally back on squad, and welcomed back by both his coworkers and mother nature. With a deadly tornado about to touch down in Chicago, the department goes on lockdown until they are needed for a call.

Unfortunately for the freshly recuperated Herman, this tornado touches down in his very own neighborhood. While his own family was safe, another wasn’t so lucky as the squad pulls up to find a man in a yellow rain jacket already dead on the front lawn, another young boy with a glass stake in his back, and a husband with his pregnant wife trapped inside. The firefighters take care of each emergency as it comes, sending the boy and his parents (once they are rescued from the house) to the hospital. The only snag is a woman asked Mouch if he had seen a man in a yellow rain jacket, and he is unable to tell the woman that her husband has died.

Mouch and Herman are not the only one’s dealing with emotional traumas on this week’s CHICAGO FIRE. Joe had to come to terms with his role in Herman’s stabbing, even going so far as to visit Freddie in jail, and receiving an apology from Freddie about the incident.

Chili also had some problems. She has been acting more and more erratic lately, but in this episode she has finally gone off the rails. She blows up at Borelli for ending their relationship because the Lieutenant demanded it, she was distant from Brett, and she even dosed a patient in the field with morphine instead of the proper treatment, stopping the patient’s heart. They were able to revive the woman, but Chili lied about it to the hospital staff and Brett had to go to Chief Boyden for help. The cause for Chili’s behavior wasn’t revealed until the last few seconds…her sister’s body was found by police just a few week’s ago, and she hasn’t told anyone.

Beyond this devastating news, viewers were also given a lighthearted end, with Ottis trying to attract the ladies (specifically, our very own Brett), he snags the help of Dawson to give him a make-over, starting with his mustache. At first he is unwilling to let it go, but eventually he shaves it off, with much celebration accompanied.

Next week, we might see more about the investigation that a young Homeland Security Officer is pursuing, as she and Severide seemed to have some chemistry when he helped her get into a building in order to gather some evidence on alleged terrorists. She was in and out, quick, but the possibility for romance was definitely in the air.

Be sure to watch all new CHICAGO FIRE on January 26 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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