SUPERNATURAL Preview: The Murder in the Melody

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Sam was trapped in Hell in this week’s SUPERNATURAL, courtesy of both Lucifer and Rowena. As Castiel investigated Amara’s possible death by angel smiting, Dean met with Crowley and Rowena to get his brother out of the cage. Castiel, meanwhile, learned that Amara definitely did not die and she opted not to kill him in favor of sending him on a little mission. He reunited with Dean and Crowley and soon the two of them found themselves in the cage along with Sam and Lucifer. Rowena managed a little spell to send Lucifer back to his proper cage, but the damage was already done: Cas had opted to be Lucifer’s vessel. And he killed Rowena so she couldn’t put him back in his cage. For more about the episode, read our full recap.

Meanwhile, in next week’s episode, Sam and Dean investigate a strange series of deaths where the victims seemingly died after being exposed to a strange song. Is there a curse attached to the song? And Castiel/Lucifer is having some fun killing angels.

Watch a below for the January 27 episode of SUPERNATURAL airing at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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