SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: A Stroll Down Memory Lane


Be prepared to step into the past on this week’s SUPERNATURAL….courtesy of the devil.

Sam is still trapped a cage with Lucifer and clearly desperate to get out, but before Lucifer lets him go — IF he lets him go — he’s going to take Sam on a little trip. Picture this: it’s season 5 and Dean and Sam have gone to Stull Cemetery for the apocalyptic showdown. Castiel is uttering his silly “assbutt” catchphrase (which, as the devil points out, makes no sense). And then Sam takes control of Lucifer (who is possessing him) and throws himself into the pit along with Michael/Adam.

The point of this little jaunt into the show’s history? For Lucifer to make it clear to Sam that he’s always respected him for his sacrificial talents — and to point out that Sammy hasn’t thrown himself into any Hell pits in a while.

SUPERNATURAL returns with all new episodes on January 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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