ELEMENTARY Sneak Peek: Driving Head First Into Danger


Joan and Sherlock are going to be dealing with a doozy of a case in this week’s ELEMENTARY. A Russian billionaire who is visiting New York City gets gunned down in front of a strip club. And it turns out that his assassins were also killed — via a hacked car that drove them to their deaths.

So the pair and the NYPD are searching for a computer hacker. The designer of the software is the first suspect, but it soon becomes apparent that she couldn’t have done it. As they turn their attention to other suspects they start to realize that the billionaire’s business in the U.S. relates to a dock workers’ union, the Mafia, and a political conflict back home. Which, of course, opens up the suspect pool.

Meanwhile, Joan is surprised when she receives a solo dinner invitation from Sherlock’s father and he asks her for a personal favor. This is going to lead to an interesting discovery about Morland at the end.

An all new episode of ELEMENTARY will air on January 21 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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