THE 100 Sneak Peeks: Where is Wanheda?

the 100

If season 2 of THE 100 was about making the difficult choices needed to survive, then season 3 is most definitely about learning to live with those decisions. Three months have passed by the start of Thursday’s season premiere, titled “Wanheda” (the new Trigedasleng name for Clarke), and the Sky People’s lives on the ground have changed a lot in that time.

Everyone has been irreparably damaged by the events of the season finale, “Blood Must Have Blood.” Raven’s physical injuries are worse than before. Octavia is at odds with Bellamy and no longer knows where she fits in. Even her relationship with Lincoln is on rocky ground. And Murphy suspects that Jaha has officially gone off the deep end with regards to A.L.I.E.

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Meanwhile, Clarke is still on the run, with both Grounders and people from the Ark searching for her. For Clarke, living with the past means coming to terms with what happened at Mount Weather, which is something Jasper must also do as he deals (or rather doesn’t deal) with Maya’s death.

Of course not everything is awful now on the ground. Thanks to the destruction of Mount Weather, Arkadia (formerly Camp Jaha) now has a lot more supplies and even vehicles to make life easier. And for the first time, the Sky People are relatively at peace while waiting for their next battle, which — knowing this show — is probably just around the corner.

Watch some sneak peeks below for the January 21 season premiere of THE 100 and don’t forget to tune in tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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