LUCIFER: The Cast Introduces Amenadiel and Maze


While the humans are trying to figure out how to interact with these strange and supernatural beings on LUCIFER, the supernatural beings are trying to get Lucifer himself back to Hell. Specifically, there’s one angel and one demon who will interact the most with Lucifer: Amenadiel (the angel) and Mazikeen (a.k.a. Maze — the demon).

During a visit to the LUCIFER set in Vancouver, we spoke with D.B. Woodside (Amenadiel) and Lesley-Ann Brandt (Maze) about their characters, their respective relationships with Lucifer and why these two supernatural creatures may be inadvertent allies.

The Earthly Plane. Despite the show dealing with matters involving Heaven and Hell, don’t expect to actually see either of those locations any time soon. As Woodside explained, “they really want to focus on earth. And they really don’t want to jump in between worlds — you know, Heaven and Hell. So whatever we hear about something that’s going on in Heaven and Hell, we’ll more or less hear about it as opposed to seeing it.”

Ruling Hell in Lucifer’s Absence. While Lucifer is topside enjoying his vacation from his delivish role, we learn that Amenadiel “has in fact, [as] the good brother, been sent down there to kind oversee [Hell] and so you can just imagine that this is not something that he’s comfortable with, not something that he feels like he should be doing. So I think that there’s a lot of resentment and anger that’s building up quick,” Woodside warned.

Amenadiel’s Powers. When we first meet Amenadiel in the pilot, he’s speaking with Lucifer. And, strangely, time seems to stop around them. As Woodside explained, “one of Amenadiel’s powers, is either to stop time or to slow time down. It’s almost like he lives in between seconds. So life is still going on, but he just can slow time down, anytime that he shows up. And so we’ll see him do that a few times throughout the season. But it’s one of his powers — it’s actually not one of Lucifer’s powers.” Woodside also hinted that we’ll see more cool powers that Amenadiel possesses.

Maze’s Warrior Skills. We didn’t get any hints about Maze’s powers, but Brandt did say that “I get fun blades. I definitely fight, you see the warrior in her and the demon. I guess the demon part of her enjoys torture. You know, that’s her world, that’s what she knows, but she’s having to survive on earth and she’s hoping that her boss is [will soon be] saying ‘okay [it’s] time to go home’.”

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Why Did Maze Accompany Lucifer on His Sabbatical from Hell? Lucifer is clearly enjoying his time earth-side, as opposed to ruling in Hell, and he’s not eager to return to the demonic plane any time soon. But Maze is and she’s getting kind of anxious to return home. Why did she accompany him on his trip in the first place then? “I think that it just goes back to the loyalty she has for him — she loves Lucifer, and she has made a vow, and she is committed to him through thick and thin. [Even] if it means being in hell for her — which is not the Hell she wants to be in — then she’ll be here and she’ll stick by him, and that’s a bond that I’m really happy the writers have really honored with these two. Even though, like with relationships, they clash, they [also] come together.”

An Unlikely Alliance. Woodside hinted that “Amenadiel wants Lucifer to return to Hell and Maise wants Lucifer to return to Hell, so they both want the same thing for different reasons. So there might be this unlikely alliance between the two of them even though they don’t particularly like each other at all, you know? But they want the same thing.”

Getting Maze Out of the Bar. While Maze is very connected to Lucifer and his club, LUX, we’ll see her interacting with a wide variety of characters in the show. Brandt says that Maze’s story is “very juicy” and she will be talking to “Amenadiel, Detective Dan, Chloe, [and] Doctor Linda. The writers have been very smart; you know, the trick is how do we incorporate these other-worldly characters in Los Angeles, California, and make it realistic. And that can only — I think — really be done if you get them in the real world, and have scenes that are staged in a park, at a coffee shop, or you know wherever. And it’s funny to see this other-worldly creature in that world.”

What Does Maze Think of Detective Chloe? Brandt hinted that Maze isn’t entirely fond of the human detective who is working with Lucifer. “This is someone I’ve known since the dawn of time, and this is a new woman who’s in his life, and that part of it actually makes her … explore the humanity within Maze. As you know, as women, we are very territorial sometimes, and the character definitely comes from a place of loyalty and protection, and there’s a little bit of, ‘hey, that’s my man!’ But yeah, it’s tricky with [Chloe].”

What’s God Like in LUCIFER? There’s no hints as to whether we’ll actually see God on this show (in addition, Woodside spoke about how the only angel we’ll see on the show in the first run of episodes will be Amenadiel), but what’s the overall impression of God in this universe? Is he a loving God? Is he hands-off? Woodside could only speak from his own impression, but he gave some interesting insight into his character and Lucifer’s when he said “I think Amenadiel would say that he is incredible, a fantastic father, beautiful. Lucifer would say something extremely different. And I think it all comes from point of view. I think that Amenadiel is one of these people [that likes] to follow rules. And they’re perfectly fine with following rules. It’s how they run their life. They feel rooted, they feel connected. They’re not looking to be a leader. They just want to be in their comfort zone and that means paying attention to these rules. And then there are other people that they feel confined and they want to be out there and free to make mistakes. Lucifer is very much that way and Amenadiel is the other. So I think that they view God through their own lens.”

Don’t miss the series premiere of LUCIFER on Monday, January 25 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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  • 123Geoff

    The concept of being able to stop time is very interesting and could have wide ramifications to the show. The top 4 characters in this show have been expertly cast and are wonderful. However, you are dealing with a very old and powerful entity. The danger would be to portray this being as impotent. That would be disingenuous to the character and could ultimately make the series falter. As Maze has indicated he must do something worthy of his power and stature. Apparently, up to now, he has simply been a bar owner. For a being that can call down the incineration power of supernova stars, remaining happy as a bar owner is not at all realistic. Perhaps, future writers will be able to provide a sense of overall purpose while he explores this hobby of being a detective sidekick.

  • Justice Juice

    Clarissa, girl, please take some basic English classes.

  • Justice Juice

    Time doesn’t stop. It is the one constant in eons and dispensations.

  • Justice Juice

    Why is Lucifer white, and the other angels black? Why does Amenadiel have black wings, and Lucifer has white? Amenadiel dresses horribly, is rude, violent, and is the opposite of an angelic personality.

  • 123Geoff

    Yes I am familiar with the 7 dispensations, (some refer to 9 time frames), and yes time is the one constant or measures of such. However, in the show Amenadiel appears to be capable of causing the time experienced by humans to stop or slow to such an extent that it is imperceptible. I am not sure what you are trying to say here. Can you explain your response further?

  • Justice Juice

    I get the feeling that amenadiel is a super bad hero. that’s all.

  • Rab Simpson

    The ethnicity thing I couldn’t comment on, nor the colour of the wings, but in terms of how Amenadiel behaves, what do you expect from a totalitarian?