THE 100 Sneak Peeks: The Commander of Death

the 100

Season 3 of THE 100 is getting off to a rather troubling start. On top of all the fallback in the premiere from the events of last year, there’s even more drama brewing in this week’s new episode, “Wanheda: Part Two.” There’s a war on the horizon, and it promises to be even larger than seasons’ past.

Clarke (or Wanheda as she’s now known) was taken captive last week by Roan, and she’ll need to fight for her life to escape from wherever she’s being taken. We already know that the queen of Ice Nation wants to kill Clarke and take the Commander of Death’s power for herself. But with the bounty on Clarke’s head, there’s no telling where she’ll end up.

Meanwhile, Monty, Bellamy, Kane and Indra are also on the hunt for Clarke to try and bring her back to Arkadia safe and sound. What or who they find on the journey, however, will change their lives forever, not just for Monty as you’ll see in the scene below but for all of the Sky People.

Elsewhere, Murphy’s patience will be tested as he learns more about Jaha’s plans with A.L.I.E. And when Emori comes back into the picture, she may become his greatest ally.

Will Bellamy be able to save Clarke? How does Monty’s new discovery fit into everything? What’s the deal with the City of Lights? Watch some sneak peeks below for the January 28 episode of THE 100 and don’t forget to tune in tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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