BILLIONS Sneak Peeks: Of Books and Power Play


Lara learns some disturbing news in this week’s BILLIONS that sets her on the warpath.

After learning that June is going to be publishing a book about her experience getting through 9/11, Lara suspects and then later confirms that June has written things that are damaging to Bobby. In particular, one chapter could seriously damage his reputation and cast a sketchy light on his past. But Lara isn’t one to take the destruction of her family lying down and so she systematically attempts to ruin June’s life until she relents and removes that chapter from her book. Let’s just say that Lara’s power as an Axelrod reaches far and wide and June has no idea what she’s in for.

Over at Chuck’s office, he learns that while he was pursuing Steven Birch, the rival Eastern District made inroads in the case against Bobby and now Chuck is desperate to get the case back and take all of the glory for himself. Chuck is forced to make a trade to regain control of Pete Decker — a key witness and a hedge fund manager who is close to Bobby.

Finally, Bobby is making an activist play for YumTime, a family owned bakery corporation. As it turns out, Chuck’s father has a very personal connection to YumTime, proving that Bobby is prepared to strike at the Rhodes family any way he can.

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