CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND Teasers: Trying to Recapture Your Youth

crazy ex-girlfriend

Rebecca tries to recapture her youth with Josh in this week’s CRAZY-EX GIRLFRIEND by joining him back at “camp” and trying to remind him of how good they were together. Meanwhile, Darryl tries to adjust to single life by hanging out with the guys and Greg freaks out about his budding relationship with Heather. Take a peek below at some more teasers for this week’s episode:

Back to Camp. Now that Rebecca has admitted to herself that she’s in love with Josh, she’s looking for a way to get closer to him. She insists that breaking up him and Valencia is against her moral code, but she just wants to remind him how happy the two of them were back at camp when they were kids. Enter Josh, who tells Rebecca that he’s volunteering for an underprivileged youth organization and taking the kids on a weekend trip to a park — just like camp! Rebecca, naturally, sets out to join the organization and come along.

Cracks in the Relationship. Valencia isn’t happy about Josh’s volunteer gig, even when she doesn’t know Rebecca is coming. As Josh tells his old friend, Valencia thinks time is money and she would rather Josh spend his time at work trying to earn a promotion. Josh is very sincere when he tells Valencia that he feels she doesn’t truly understand or support him, but she just continues to plow ahead with her own version of their life together.

Not Like When We Were Kids. Rebecca talks — and donates — her way on to the trip, suggesting that she be a “female empowerment” leader for the teenage girls. She’s thrilled at the opportunity to recapture some of her own teenage magic with Josh, but the situation starts working against them almost immediately. Josh is really close to the young boys and spends his time with them, while Rebecca just gets made fun of by the girls (which eventually leads to a girl group performance called “Put Yourself First”, which you can watch below).

Reliving the Past. It turns out that Rebecca is also allergic to mosquitos and goes into anaphylactic shock. Fortunately, she wakes up in time to meet Josh for a sunset rendezvous to take selfies. She also reads him an old letter she had written back to him at camp, but he just think it’s hilarious and overly-dramatic.

Taking it to the Next Level? Greg is kind of freaked out when Heather tells him that she’s really in to him and is no longer seeing other people. He suggests they take a step back, but his friends tell him he’s a huge commitment-phobe and needs to get over that quickly.

Guy’s Night In. Darryl stops by Greg’s bar and invites him and his other friends over to watch the Pay Per View boxing match (despite knowing nothing about boxing). When the guys talk about bailing, Darryl invites some professional “party girls” over and Greg’s former high school crush stops by.

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