FRESH OFF THE BOAT Sneak Peeks: Huang Family New Year

fresh of the boat

It’s Chinese New Year on this week’s episode of FRESH OFF THE BOAT, and the Huangs are doing it right. With plans to celebrate with family in Orlando, Jessica has the kids up and adam at 5:00 am (for their 2:00 pm flight) and is apparently extremely excited to visit with family, bring in the new year, and definitely sing karaoke.

But everything doesn’t go as planned, and thanks to Louis screwing up the plane tickets they are forced to stay home-bound for the holiday. They go to a party hosted by the Asian-American Association of Orlando (led by a very white, non-Asian man) but what greets them is not a pleasant sight. Instead of traditional red envelopes, they have Year of the Rat horn rimmed glasses. Instead of fireworks, at midnight they will have a “rat drop”. And instead of an authentic dragon dance, a male stripper in a gator mascot costume jumps around to “Everybody Dance” by C&C Music Factory.

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