Tonight on NEW GIRL: An Unusual Request

new girl

Nick gets an unwelcome visit on this week’s NEW GIRL. His cousin and his wife are coming by the loft to ask for a handout because apparently Nick is considered “the rich one” among his family. But he’s not eager to lend them any money, so Schdmit sticks around to convince him to be strong and cheap. But it turns out that they didn’t come by to ask for money…they came by to ask Nick for his sperm so they can start a family. Nick seems more eager to give them his sperm instead of his money, but Schmidt cautions against it. And then the situation spirals completely out of control.

Meanwhile, Winston takes Cece wedding dress shopping and, not surprisingly, he’s really into it (packing whistles to help support her when she tries on a great dress). Schmidt tells her to wait until Jess gets back, but Cece is determined to get the ball rolling on the long process and doesn’t want Winston to really participate. But Cece isn’t crazy about the help she’s getting from the saleslady so Winston steps in to be her wedding dress guru. Unfortunately, the champagne that Winston brings leads to a very unfortunate “dress” situation.

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