STAN LEE’S LUCKY MAN: Episode 1 airs in the UK to rave reviews

The latest adventure to come from the brilliant mind of 93 year old Stan Lee has aired in the UK for the first time, and it’s seems the show didn’t need any luck to be a success. An estimated 600,000 people tuned into see the first episode, which might not sound like a lot but it makes it the biggest launch of a drama UK satellite channel Sky1 has seen in years.

James Nesbitt, known from cult British TV series Cold Feet and his role of Bofur in The Hobbit films, stars as police officer DI Harry Clayton in the show. The lead character at the start of the show is your traditional British bobby on the beat who is down on his luck after a number of things in his life have gone wrong. A chance encounter with a mysterious woman who gives him an ancient bracelet changes everything, and he goes on the hunt for a wanted criminal that could rival a Hollywood film for its thrilling action sequences through the stunning London backdrop.

The moment DI Harry Clayton really just how much control he has over his luck is when he’s at the roulette table and places all of his chips on black 10. There’s a tense moment when we think the ball is going to land in red 5, but the ball bounces out and of course lands in black 10. The great thing about this show is that it explores a concept that many of us would love to know, what it would be like if you were the luckiest person in the world. One thing for sure is if we could all control our luck like Harry, then there’d be a lot more of us playing casino games. This show is coming out at the perfect time as the idea of luck is something many people are considering after the popularity of online casino games has sky rocketed recently. More and more people are playing online blackjack from the comfort of their homes on websites like Lucky Nugget Casino. It makes you ask yourself if black 10 was lucky enough to win Harry thousands of pounds, when it comes to online blackjack will 21 be a lucky number for you?

The reviews for the first episode were all quite complementary. The general census from the critics is whilst the casting, characters and the cinematography are incredible, the storyline lacks a lot. The Guardian said that together Stan Lee and James Nesbitt had created an engaging and unusual detective that they want to see more of. That’s a great sign that the audience figures could stay as high or even build once word of mouth has got out for the 10 episodes of the first series. The only thing many reviews could find fault with was the plot, which The Telegraph said became increasingly sillier as the first episode went on.

There are no plans for the show to be aired in Canada or US at the moment. But with Stan Lee’s name in the title the show’s global appeal should mean that it’s becomes hugely popular. So keep an eye out for this show on a screen near you soon for a stunning, gritty drama based in the heart of London.

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