THE 100 Recap: Of Death, Politics and War

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I am a fairly recent fan of THE 100, but one of the things that really hooked me into this show was just how complex the plot is. When I first started watching it, I thought it was going to be another teen show that would not catch my attention at all. Boy, was I wrong!

Tonight’s third installment of the new season, “Ye Who Enter Here”, took us deeper into the complex grounder world of politics. The people from the Ark are trying their hardest to avoid a war with the grounders, but it seems like the Ice Nation is adamant at having one. However, Lexa has managed to save Clarke for the time being and calls Abby and Kane to the summit – something like the Unity Day that they had back in the Ark – so they can negotiate a treaty.

Kane is not happy with the way Abby has been handling things, but especially because she has let people into Mount Weather, when she knew it could hurt this potential treaty. Once they reach the location where the summit is taking place, Abby sees that Kane is a natural in diplomatic missions and tells him that he is the one who should be the Chancellor, not her. He doesn’t accept and she says that they should at least have an election.

Meanwhile, Clarke wants nothing to do with Lexa, with good reason, and her line about how the Commander of the grounders betrayed them was spot on and flawlessly delivered by Eliza Taylor: “You have no honor. I had no choice.”

The Ice Nation Prince, still angry that Lexa betrayed him (the list of people she betrays just keeps on growing, right?), tells Clarke that he can help her escape, but only if she kills the Commander. He even gives her a knife and Clarke seems pretty set on doing this, but when the opportunity presents itself, she just can’t go through with it. So Lexa takes that chance to convince Clarke of how important it is for the sky crew and the Trikru to be allies, so they can keep the war against the Ice Nation at bay for as long as possible. And the way to do that is having the sky people join the coalition as the 13th clan.

With that information, Clarke is reunited with her mom and Kane and tells them what Lexa has just told her, effectively convincing them that this is the only way that they can survive. After all, we have all seen the size of the Ice Nation army and the Ark survivors don’t stand a chance. Clarke is still wary of Lexa, for obvious reasons, but she agrees to have her people join the coalition.

What she doesn’t know, however, is that Echo, that girl who was Bellamy’s cell mate last season, has found him and Octavia at Mount Weather and warned them that the summit was a trap and that they had to get their people out. Bellamy believes her – after all, she saved his life when they were prisioners – and takes his sister and Pike with him to warn the others and get Clarke back. He leaves Raven and Gina behind to work with Sinclair on getting the missiles to launch. Everything Echo tells them seems to be true, so they hurry to get there in time to save their people.

They make it just in time for the ceremony – even though they missed Clarke bowing to Lexa’s command – and tell everyone that the summit was a trap. When Kane asks him how he got that information, he looks back, but Echo is nowhere to be found. His so called friend had been just a diversion – a way for a member of the Ice Nation to infiltrate Mount Weather and destroy it. He stabs Gina to death (was I the only one who saw her as a red shirt from the moment she appeared on my screen as Bellamy’s supposed new love interest?) and activates a self destruction device inside Mount Weather. Gina manages to warn Raven and Sinclair of what happened before she died and both make it out of the mountain barely a minute before the whole thing collapses. But everyone inside dies.

Raven calls Bellamy on the radio and tells him what happened. Lexa immediately declares war and Kane and Abby decide to go back to Camp Arkadia to secure the premises. If they have just attacked Mount Weather, their camp could be next. Bellamy nearly begs Clarke to come back with them, but she decides to stay behind to make sure that Lexa won’t betray them again.

When everyone is gone and Clarke is finally alone with Lexa, she tells the commander that she does not trust her and if she betrays them again, the alliance is off. But then… then Lexa freaking bows before Clarke and pledges loyalty to her. This moment right here was so, so important and groundbreaking because the Commander does not bow to anyone and she has just done that to Wanheda. It was such a huge development and I don’t know what to expect anymore. I still don’t trust Lexa, though.

And then, when we think we could not be more shocked, we see Echo reaching her people and telling the Ice Queen that she has finally gotten her war and that she will get her prince back. With the help of Lt. Carl Emerson, a Mount Weather survivor.

Jesus, when I think this show can’t get any better, they pull something like this on us. Also, can we please talk about how amazing this cast is? Everyone brings their A game, but Eliza Taylor really is the shining star of this show. She is doing such a fantastic job with Clarke and her performance takes my breath away every episode.

Now that we are officially at war against the Ice Nation, let’s take a look at the promo for next week’s episode.

A new episode of THE 100 airs on February 11 at 9/8C on The CW.

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