THE ORIGINALS Sneak Peek: Will Elijah Make a Deal With the Enemy?

the originals

Klaus will have his hands full with Cami after she chose to remain a vampire in last week’s episode of THE ORIGINALS. Has Klaus unleashed a monster with his insistence that she feed and fully make the transition? It appears that Cami is pushing Klaus’ buttons as Klaus tries to help her adjust to her new reality.

Meanwhile, Aya reaches out to Elijah to tell him about a mysterious weapon that can kill an Original for good. Elijah reluctantly agrees to partner with her when she insists that she can help him locate this weapon so that they can destroy it.

Finally, Davina returns and we see how alone and shunned she is by her fellow witches after being removed as Regent. She does, however, get approached by Aya and the Strix, who offer her the use of a group of witches they are allied with. And this alliance gives her the opportunity to reunite (in a sense) with Kol.

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  • AccidentalMommyDiaries

    I think now that Cami is a vampire things will start getting interesting. Only thing that concerns me is that we have no humans left in the show…..