CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND Teasers: The Hazards of Texting

crazy ex-girlfriend

Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person? Did it turn in to a catastrophe? That’s what happens to Rebecca on this week’s CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND.

Josh and Rebecca are doing great and Josh is still feeling really friendly towards her after camping as they have a chance meeting at a local cafe. At the same time, Paula and Scott are speaking to the hip new priest about their marital problems. Apparently they had decided not to see a therapist (too much “touchy/feely stuff”, according to Scott), but the priest suggests they spend the night having dinner alone and reconnecting.

Later that day, Rebecca is participating in a mediation and she covertly texts Paula to tell her why she’s so happy lately. But, horror of horrors, she actually sent Josh the text about how she thought he looked hot that morning and that she loves him. Rebecca just freezes when she realizes what she’s done, even as the judge is breathing down her neck about responding to the other side’s argument. Paula soon realizes what Rebecca did and just blurts it out to the others, causing everyone else in the room to agreed to a break in the case and offer up their suggestions on how Rebecca should handle this. Her ultimate solution? To break into Josh’s apartment, find the phone he left behind for the day (as he told her that morning), and delete the message.

Unfortunately, Josh arrives home just as Rebecca is getting ready to leave and she weaves an incredible tale about why she’s in his apartment. Shockingly, he buys it. But Rebecca needs help from Paula to make her cover story look real, which interrupts her dinner with her husband and leads to Paula inviting Scott along to help with Rebecca’s latest crazy scheme. Naturally, the whole thing spins wildly out of Rebecca’s control, leading to a self-pitying song. Can Rebecca figure out how to clean up her latest mess or has she ruined her chances with Josh forever?

CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND airs on February 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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