CASTLE Recap: Aca-Murder


It was all acapella on this week’s episode of CASTLE, but with a twist. The murder of an ex-con turned acapella singer, Robin, leads Castle and the team to investigate how a mysterious car accident may be related to her death, but all the while Castle and Beckett must keep their relationship under wraps.

To open, poor Martha gets the short end of the stick when Robin’s body falls from the rafters during her rehearsal for a benefits concert. Martha’s involvement means Castle’s involvement, but because Castle and Beckett are playing a little game of “lie about our relationship status”, when Rick turns up at the station Beckett proceeds to yell at him. The boys buy the hostile breakup and after talking to the first suspect (and realizing that another ex-con from Robin’s life may involved), Castle, Espo, and Ryan make their way to Agnus’ house. While they find Agnus and bring her back to the station, Espo and Ryan also find another lie when Castle tells them he is seeing a woman named Svetlana, and the boys are none-too-pleased. Back at the station, Beckett sells this post-breakup anger with a slap to Castle’s face and her own lie about seeing a handsome doctor.

Continuing with the case, Castle and Alexis break an emoji-coded text alert on Robin’s phone and find a warehouse where a riff-off of acapella groups is going on, and Robin’s own group is awaiting her arrival. After some questioning, it is revealed that they all met in prison and stay in touch through a group run by two lawyers called “No Backslide.” In search of more leads, the team heads to the local acapella competition Robin’s group was preparing for, and discovers that Robin overheard someone in a rehearsal room talking about her history. Looking for answers, Robin visited her apparent savior on the night of the crash. But after a few minutes alone in an interrogation room with Beckett, that “savior” admits he is lying. The scarf used to tourniquet Robin’s leg was seen on another woman at the party that Robin attended the night of her crash, and that woman is none other than the lawyer who started “No Backslide.” Castle and Martha witness the arrest of the lawyer and her husband for murdering Robin when she started to put the pieces together about the night that sent her to prison, and Martha gets the chance to help Robin’s group rally for their performance.

Finally, Beckett and Castle both tell the boys that they are off to meet their new respective partners, when in reality they meet back at the loft for some more one-on-one role playing fun. Svetlana and Dr. Livestock may be fake names, but it looks like Kate and Rick have their real feelings for each other all sorted out.

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