NEW GIRL Teasers: Megan Fox Arrives

new girl

Megan Fox joins the cast as Reagan in this week’s NEW GIRL and she causes a bit of a shake up when she sublets Jess’ room for a few episodes.

Chasing the Magic. Nick’s job as a bartender attracts a lot of eligible women, but while Winston things Nick is just playing hard to get by turning them down, Nick admits that he’s just “chasing the magic”. He doesn’t want to settle for any girl — he wants to find someone that makes him feel magical. Winston eventually convinces him that chasing the magic is a fools errand and Nick agrees to stop.

Enter Reagan. Well, Nick agrees to stop until he sees the beautiful Reagan (a pharmaceutical rep) at a doctor’s office. She’s self-assured, authoritative and used to getting her way. When she tells the doctor about the horrible motel she’s been put up at for the next month by her company, Nick blurts out that they have a room she can sublet.

The Green Eyed Monster. It turns out that Nick isn’t the only one with admirers at the bar….Cece has them as well. And Schmidt is a jealous monster about the men who show her attention, especially since he hasn’t picked out a ring for her yet. Interestingly, Cece has a history with Reagan that distresses Schmidt greatly, bringing up all sorts of issues regarding trust.

A New Friend? Nick goes to great lengths to convince Reagan to sublet Jess’ room, including installing the world’s worst rain shower at her request. But between the Schmidt-Cece insanity and Nick’s overeagerness, Reagan isn’t convinced that she needs this group drama in her life and it’s up to the others to show her that being a lone wolf isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Don’t miss an all new episode of NEW GIRL on February 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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